Happy Anniversary from Lou Ferrigno

These next few days might be fun…tonight, after a flag football game with the guys from work, I’m probably heading the the Clarendon Grille. There’s an 80’s cover band there tonight, and Barb Shuler says that the cover charge is only “3 bux”. Tomorrow night, I might see Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I wanted to see it last weekend, but I ended up seeing School of Rock instead, which was an awesome movie by the way. Saturday morning, recently returned-from-San-Diego Amy Harper has planned a hiking trip to Cedar Run, that’s somewhere in the Shenandoah Park. I’ll have pics from that up as soon as I can. Excited to actually use my Camelbak drinking system that I bought ahile ago, just because I was bored. Saturday night, Dana has a non-costume Halloween pre-game fiesta at her apartment in Courthouse, and most likely Adams Morgan bars after that…turn your phones off, cuz I’ll probably be makin’ some late night calls if you know what I mean…

Oh, and check out Dave’s new addition to Okay Samurai. He added the new “shoot” section, which is a picture archive of his experiences down in Atlanta, GA – home of Freaknik, which we almost participated in when we were down there for a guitar ensemble trip back in 1998. I’m sad to say, I had the chance to buy a “Freaknik ’98” T-shirt for $6, but unfortunately passed it up.

In other awesome random news, you now can buy phone calls from celebrities. Most notable celebrities you can receive a “happy birthday”, “congratulations on getting married” or simply a “motivational call” are Lou Ferrigno (weightlifter) and Beetlejuice (weird retarded guy from the Howard Stern Show.) My favorite messages you can order are “Congratulations on a good report card!” or “Congratulations on being employee of the month!” Customized messages are only 29.95, while other more generic messages are only 19.95! What a deal! Check it out at Hollywood is Calling.

Upcoming CD reviews:
Chingy – Jackpot
Once Upon a Time in Mexico – Soundtrack.

I’m just chillin’ at the Holidae In…


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