Off to Sin CityTime to celebrate the craziest time…

Off to Sin City
Time to celebrate the craziest time of the year, in the craziest place imaginable – Halloween and Las Vegas. The idea occurred to Cat and I about 2-3 months ago, that it was about time to make our trip to Vegas, which had been severely delayed (originally supposed to be right after graduating from college). But quickly we realized that we didn’t have much money to play with, and that wouldn’t be much fun at all, since it seems like money runs that town. Another brilliant part about the trip is that it happens to land right on Halloween weekend…that should double the fun. but the bad part is, I haven’t found a costume yet; and I can’t be a mexican 4 out of the last 5 years! I’ll scan a pic of me and my roommate nick as mexicans, so everyone can understand exactly what I mean by that.

Click to see pictures: [1] [2] (Thanks kamala for keeping that pic online!)

So, originally the main idea for this site was to have a place to put my pictures from my phone (specifically vegas), but it has turned into this three-headed monster in which I also do music and movie reviews. I do reviews mostly for fun, since I think it’s kind of amusing to rate everything on a 100 point grading scale. I also like to hear from my friends, they sometime ask me what I think about a particular movie or CD, and if they should see/listen to it, as if my opinions really matter. But, it has turned into an obsession that I (in my crazy mind) think I might want to turn into a side job/project…which is submitting CD reviews to some local publications such as Ontap. Maybe they’ll publish me one day. They’ll have to put up with my 100 point rating scale, since most of them do the stupid stars scale, or letter grade scale. I need something with a little more sig-figs if you know what i mean – not every album that is a B is the same. And if a movie gets 4 stars, is that on a scale of 4 stars? or 5? It’s different almost every time.

Whoa, did I ever get off-track…so, back to the fun again. Las Vegas is coming up quicker than ever, and I won’t be posting after tomorrow night, until Sunday afternoon with the long-awaited pics from Sin City. Until then, sign the freakin’ GUESTBOOK to leave me some love.


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