Fix it!

Fix it!
You may not have noticed but, the site is going under a little bit of construction. I looked at my site on Netscape, and it was all sorts of messed up. Also Dave let me know that it’s also a little messed up when looking at it on a Mac. So, about 1/2 the site is updated in the new table format. [update: all pages updated with new format 11/10/03 @ 10:31AM.] Ok, enough boring stuff…

Be sure to check out the guestbook, looks like a fellow Jeffrey Chin has signed the guestbook! hahhaa, good thing I snaked the domain from him! Here’s what he wrote:

“I’m looking for a domain for a new website of mine, and I stumbled upon this one. How did I end up here, you ask? My name is Jeffrey Chin, too! Nicely designed site. Keep up the good work!


Matrix: Revolutions review coming up, and also full-length CDs featured on AOL this week that are up for review: 2pac: Resurrection, Various Artists – Concert for George (Harrison), STP – Thankyou (greatest hits?!), Love Actually – Soundtrack, Randy Travis – Worship (nope!)


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