The Matrix: Revolutions 81/100

OK, so for those of you who have read my review of The Matrix: Reloaded, you’re probably thinking, that’s still rated pretty high. I know a lot of you already spoke against it (see Dave’s opinion) And I even thought about altering the rating of Reloaded but have decided against it because that rating was for the DVD and not seeing it in the theater. In that review I had said that it would’ve received a much lower score had I reviewed it after seeing it the first time in the theater (probably an 83 or 84). Since Reloaded required a little more brain usage, it was much better for me on DVD because I could rewind and review a scene everytime I got confused (the convo w/ the Architect is a perfect example). On the other hand, Revolutions was a better movie to see in a theater, because it had a ton of action, even though it didn’t delve more into the theory behind the matrix. At face value, I thought it was more entertaining than Reloaded, and fulfilled my appetite for seeing blazing guns, and more kung fu. Honestly, I think I’d have to see both of them together again just to give them a more fair rating.

Let me highlight some of the awesome parts of the movie: anytime that they were fighting the robots with their Mechwarrior type suits (especially when that guy’s face got shredded), Neo vs. Agent Smith’s epic fight, and the Niobe flight down the maintenance line to save Zion. Say what you will about it being a letdown of the three part series, and it kind of was, but maybe they could have somehow put Reloaded and Revolutions together and cut out about an hour. You have to agree that some parts of Reloaded were pretty slow. And after all I thought that the war with the machines was going to happen in the second movie, only to be confused by the Architect. So, my final thoughts on this movie are that it was entertaining enough to recommend for everyone to see in the theater. Especially if you have seen the first two, it’s not bad enough as other people say to not see it at all, or wait until it comes out on DVD. As with all the the first two Matrix movies, I can’t wait to see it again on DVD, and can only expect Revolutions to become better after each viewing.


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