So yeah, that’s my eye. [edit 11/20 @ 11:50PM – I think that’s my eye, my sister took a bunch of closeup pictures of eyeballs that day for some reason.] Really close up. Nothing really interesting going on with me lately. If you’ve seen me in the last few days, and I seem nerdier, it’s because I’ve been wearing my glasses. I have to not wear my contacts until friday when I get my Lasik consultation. Cutting it a little bit short to open season to declare my flex benefits for next year, which also ends on friday. Just want to make sure I’m eligible for the surgery before I say to take $3,000+ out of my pay for next year. I should be getting it done in the Janurary-February timeframe…can’t wait to get rid of my stupid contacts and glasses.

Anyways, things have been real good lately, had a blast this entire weekend, going out for Dana’s bday with everyone. If you were there, and I somehow disappeared, I apologize, because I did not know what was happening for about 30-45 minutes. Looking forward to this weekend too! 😉


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