Booyah Grandma

Basically I’m writing this post so that I can push the britney review off the top of the page. Everytime that I come to the site to see if someone commented, it just looks a little weird to see a britney review…Although it did raise some controversy with the blanket statement of me saying that “Girls would probably like [Britney’s new album] because girls like anything new that Britney, Madonna, Christina, Pink, etc. release”. I guess that was a huge stereotype. Liz and Ash teamed up out of nowhere to bash me, but good ol’ buddy ol’ pal Ben Markowitz slammed back with a Korn and Nascar retort.

First of all, that pic is of the Millenium office in Tysons, I was bored because I had to wait a little bit, so I decided to take a pic. OK, so I went to millenium laser yesterday (you might remember them from such cheesy commercial jingles on radio “millenium laser eye center…you won’t believe your eyes!”) and the doc, Dr. Holtzman said that I was a perfect candidate for lasik. Apparently I’m not as blind as the average patient that gets it done…I’m about a 1.5 or something, and the average is a 5! I can’t even freakin’ read 10 foot letters from 30 feet away, and you’re telling me there’s someone worse that I am? That must be horrible. I think Tiger Woods was actually an 11…legally blind. I might go to Millenium, but I’m going to check out other Lasik places first. Definitely TLC, where Tiger got his done, and then wherever Dr. Butros works just because his radio commercials are on 24/7.

In music news, I bought the Jason Mraz album, and also the Maroon 5 album. (dave I couldn’t decide, so I just bought them both). So far I’ve only had time to listen to Jason Mraz, but I plan on listening to them both on my big stereo today to get the full sound spectrum. Don’t want to miss any guitar licks or drum fills that might make or break a song for me. I’m only up so early because I slept for 11 straight hours last night, it feels great. So, have you downloaded Blink 182’s “All of This” or Britney’s “Toxic” yet? Thanx to Kamala for adding me to her links page…eventually I’m going to have to add one of my own since a lot more of my friends are starting their own web pages. Be sure to check out Ben Markowitz’s site. He just started it but has some interesting stuff up already. Turkey overdose day is only 5 days away. (enough rambling…is Britney off the front page yet???)


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