Does anyone else think that this is ridiculous??

OK, so we live in this pretty decent neighborhood. But we’re still young, and our neighbors still live within 3 miles of Washington, DC. Recently everyone (or at least just us) in our neighborhood got a letter put on their door with some concerns that they had about their community. And I’m somewhat disappointed in the lameness of our neighborhood that I had to put two pictures of ridiculously old people in this posting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy old people just as much as the next person, but when they think that they can limit people talking on their cell phone outside after 10:00PM…that’s a little extreme. After reading the letter below, ask yourself, does this neighborhood only sleep, and do nothing else? They refer to themselves sleeping about 1.5 million times. And I can guarantee you that the “couple of units” that had parties late in the summer, was definitely us, considering the cops came twice. Below is a direct transcription of the letter that they distributed. And no, you can’t hear a pin drop in the parking lot at midnight, that is unless you have wolf ears.

Late Night Noise on Tazewell Court If you’ve ever left your house late at night, then you know that there is rarely anyone else stirring, and the traffic on Lee Highway is sparse. Late at night it is very quiet in our neighborhood – you can almost hear a pin drop in the parking lot at midnight. It certainly does not take much noise to disturb other residents in our small, densely packed neighborhood.

Parties – A couple of units had parties late in the summer. Several residents complained about the noise at inappropriate hours. Of particular note is that the folks walking from Utah Street parking spots to the parties have displayed no respect to our sleeping residents. With our windows right on top of the sidewalks and only feet from the parking lot, we have had boisterous conversation which often accompanies drinking socializers keep many residents awake. Rowdy party guests have also vandalized the common area.

The Board believes that people who are just trying to get some sleep have rights that trump those of the partiers at night.

Taxi Cabs – For those of you who go out drinking and do it responsibly by taking taxi cabs to and from the bars, we appreciate that you are not on the road after having had a few drinks. On the other hand, there have been continuing problems with hollering, loud talking and even loud cell phone conversations when people get out of the cabs late at night.

Are we asking that you not talk on cell phones after 10:00 PM? Well, in a word, yes. Some folks here on Tazewell Court step outside for a “private” conversation on the cellular but the reality is that you are making yourselves known to your neighbors if you do so late at night. As you are probably talking right below someone’s window, we can hear you – sometimes loud and clear.

Please respect the peacefulness of our neighborhood by night. We are all in it together.

Tazewell Board of Directors


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