10-in-1? More like 6-in-1!

First of all, I shouldn’t be even working this late on turkey overdose day eve. To combat my boredom, and being pissed off for having to work until at least 3, I bring you a memory, or a nightmare if you owned one, from all our childhoods. The nightmare is the “10-in-1” game tables. This may seem like a brilliant idea, I mean, you get 10 games all in one toy! Every kid always wanted a foosball table, air hockey table, ping pong table, pool table, and a mini-basketball hoop in their house. This multi-game table allows parents to buy all those things (and more!) all at one time. Everyone remembers those commercials where the two kids are playing games all day long, passing up meals because they just wanted to play one more game of crappy air hockey. I’m sad to say that these things are still being made.

It’s a wonder how it costs almost 300 bucks. You can get a decent table for that much, but instead they cram totally horrible versions of 10 different games all into tiny table. Kids must’ve erupted in frustration after trying to play ping pong on a 3 foot long table, or shooting pool with cue sticks that weighed as much as pencils. But in the commercials, they’re always having the best time ever, with the most versatile and advanced gaming table in the history of gaming tables. I remember a few even glowing in the dark, so you could play crappy games with the lights off!

The table I have pictured and linked here, takes the multi-game table to a whole new level. The tricksters have included games that are duplicated, and some that aren’t even games! Here’s the list of games you can play with this table: Pool, Table tennis, Curling, Shuffleboard, Basketball, Arcade basketball, Darts, Racquetball, Soccer, and Nok hockey. First of all what’s the difference between basketball and arcade basketball? and who the hell wants to play curling? And by far the one that pisses me off the most is raquetball. Do you get a mini-sized raquetball room with this table? Protective goggles? I’m pretty certain that they make you use the “table tennis” racquets and ball for the racquetball game. The picture to the right must be the racquetball room. In conclusion, I will never buy a multi-game table such as this, and neither should anyone.


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