Jason Mraz – Waiting for My Rocket To Come 78/100

I’ve been meaning to get around to doing more CD reviews but I’ve been buying two CDs at a time, and am starting to get overwhelmed with the whole holiday season, work, and sleep. The last two that I bought were Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. I’ve gotten a lot more listening time in on the Jason Mraz CD, so here goes…

Jason Mraz, from Mechanicsville, VA!!! That’s quite an achievement already, a borderline music star from Virginia (who knows where Mechanicsville, VA is…ok ok, thanks mapquest.) Now, of course he didn’t get cool by staying in Virginia, he moved to NYC and then San Diego to hone his music skills. The album, titled Waiting for My Rocket To Come, is a rollercoaster of well-crafted hits and trying to hard to create a deep song. I found that I liked his slower, more simple songs more than the cluttered/overworked songs. The slower songs also allowed his voice to show more emotion rather than just spouting lyrics off like it was the next Barenaked Ladies – One Week.

The album soars along with the clever vocal melody lines of You and I Both, reggae rhythms in I’ll Do Anything, Mraz-breaking-onto-the-scene-single The Remedy, and the heartfelt Who Needs Shelter? until reaching track #5, Curbside Prophet. This is a perfect example of a song that has way too much going on, including a repetitive banjo line, repetitive bass-line, extraneous fillers, and uninspired rap/singing vocals, which all becomes very distracting to the listener. There was a reason why the Beatles songs were so good while only using a 4-Track, simplicity. Thankfully he picks up the slack in the remaining tracks peaking with the emotional (and simplistic!), but non-radio friendly Absolutely Zero.

I know that Dave agrees with me when I say Jason Mraz excels when he plays just his acoustic guitar without the distraction of the band. Just a guy and his guitar…more powerful than an entire band? Who would’ve thought…


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