Is this Lucky Bar?

First of all, I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve celebration. After everyone dragging their feet this year about not knowing what to do for New Years, I finally committed to the A&A sponsored New Year’s event at Lucky Bar in Midtown. At first it was going to be me going solo and meeting up w/ the whole A&A crowd, but thankfully I felt a little more comfortable when Don joined me. I definitely had a ton of fun, but one of the hilarious points in the night was when we actually walked into the wrong bar. I should’ve known that it wasn’t Lucky Bar when I said, “This doesn’t look like the same Lucky Bar that I’ve been in before!” New Years took it’s toll on me, rendering me useless until 5 PM the next day.

I did get finally get out of bed and went to the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse to see School of Rock, which was still awesome, and well worth seeing again, especially for only $4.50. If you haven’t seen Jack Black in School of rock, you’re missin’ out. Tonight even more fun was to be had, I ventured into Maryland to Dave and Busters with some friends to grab a few drinks and play skee-ball, Time Crisis 3, basketball, Daytona Racing, Cruisin’ Exotica and my favorite game of the night I will dub “The Police Game” (I’m not sure what it’s called) but the one where the machine senses your movements and relays them to your character on screen). I cashed in all 35 of my tickets for a tiny yo-yo, a bracelet and a miniscule rubber snake, woohoo! Well have a good long weekend, I’ll be posting some reviews after I get even more free time.


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