Word(s) of the day is 3 and 1.5

Last night was fun. Nine friends and I decided to brave the 3+ hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington. It just opened a few months ago, and is relatively small to all the other ones in the area. I put our name on the list when I got home from work, and then went back home to pass the time. We only physically waited about 1.5 hours at the cheesecake factory but we complained about the innaccurate wait time estimate and got 3 free appetizers, so I guess it was worth it? Well it was tons of fun, and we didn’t get out of there until about midnight. And let me just say this, the ‘Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp’ is really really good. Being as full and tired as we were, we didn’t end up going out. Another time…Tonight I’m headed to the huge rivalry game of the JMU Dukes vs. the GMU Patriots. I’m expecting it to be brick-city, but it will be fun to see my first JMU basketball game ever. Funny how I waited until 1.5 years after I graduate to go see a game. Today, I have my fourth golf lesson…in the freakin’ snow! oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

After the previous post, I have listened to the whole Crystal Method album, Legion of Boom about 10+ times. I will not review it unless it stays up on AOL Listening Party through next week, but I might just go buy it. And doing a little more research on the album, human beatbox Rahzel does vocals on 3 of the tracks, former ax-man for Limp Bizkit Wes Borland plays guitar on 3 tracks including ‘born too slow’, and Milla Jovovich chimes in for vocals on ‘I know it’s you’. Please comment after this post and let me know what album you want me to review next from the following choices: The Postal Service – Give Up, The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow, The Rapture – Echoes, and Switchfoot – Beautiful Letdown.


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