Really Bad News Bears…

Team AOL (yes, i know it’s a lame name) is now a whopping 0-2. Two games lost with a combined score of (1 sec, lemme get my calculator) 0 to 47. We are improving though, lost by 28 the first game, and only 19 the second game! Granted I got burnt this game for a touchdown, but…next friday, post Lasik surgery (Tuesday – 2/17 if anyone wants to send me anything ;)) I will be able to run and see at full speed without the assistance of glasses, or contacts. Playing competitive sports without being able to see 100% is frustrating, and is not fun. I’m finally knockin’ out these reviews, so I only got The Shins album left. endorsed events: Juniper Lane @ Whitlows on Wilson this Thursday, February 19th. concerts coming up at the 9:30 club: The Darkness on April 6th and Coheed & Cambria on April 13th. Don’t miss either of these guys live, I’m not. Also refresh the main page a few times until you see the recently submitted “spotlight” banner made by Katie Mattson, down in NC. She went to JMU with me and is doing crazy design stuff. I tasked her with making a banner for any one of my posts, and she made one about the M3Power razor that’s coming out. Enjoy!


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