Oy! Right in the Family Jewels

I know I’ve told many of you this story this week, but I think that anyone and everyone that might stumble upon my site can benefit from the hilarity of the moment. Shea, I know you will agree, that this falls into our mentality of “make them look stupid” while playing volleyball. So, here goes…I play on the JMU Alumni Volleyball team (not as selective as it sounds) every monday night. This past monday, we played NC State and then G-town. NC State has a bunch of really tall guys on their team, but they’re not that good. Fast forward to the perfect set to one of our best players, Tim. He winds up, and absolutely wails on the volleyball, launching it at probably around 40-50 MPH. Unfortunately for the NC State player, it hits him DIRECTLY in the crotch. Good Lord, was it funny for everyone else but him. He turned out to be OK after the potentially life changing event, but only after laying on the ground in a fetal position for 3-5 minutes. A few plays later, he almost got a volleyball ricocheted off of his dome. He then exclaimed, “I’m going to have to get a cup and a helmet to play this game!” hahaha…well, at least I thought it was hilarious.


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