Sup everyone, I think the site is up for an overhaul. It may have seemed like I just changed it just the other day, but I’ve noticed that when I’m over at my parent’s house on their hurting dialup internet, the page loads slow as crap. It seems to be too graphic intensive. I haven’t fixed any of that yet but it was annoying to see 1/2 of some of my posts get cut off by borders. So, no longer will it constrained to a small box, but will expand to the last 7 days that I posted. This is only a band-aid on the whole idea, I will be re-doing the images, graphics, etc. once I get some time…next week or something. Until then, I have installed a totally redundant and somewhat pointless forum. I forsee no one using it, but it was easy to set up and free. So, check it out, and post something if you want over at the forum.


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