Ending and Beginning

The winter season of the Capital Alumni Network volleyball league is over. We (JMU) had our last game of the season last night against FSU, and had a poor showing. I think the scores were like 25-19, and a dismal 25-13 or so. We had a good run during the middle of the season, but were always troubled by the dominant Georgetown team who beat us every single time we played. But where one sport ends, another is beginning, and should be equally exciting. Joining the DC Stars kickball league with the A&A gang, we will be playing kickball and going to happy hours every sunday on the mall in DC around 3-4 or so. We are “4th Grade P.E.”, and will begin to whoop ass April 18th.

Coming up this weekend is the first DC United homegame. I’ll be going with a bunch of JMU Alumni, who I met from my volleyball team. Should be an interesting game, since it’s Freddy Adu’s first game. If you don’t know who Freddy Adu is, he’s the hottest thing to happen to MLS…ever. He’s only 14 year old, the highest paid player in the MLS – raking in half a million/year, and makes opponents twice his age nervous about their careers. From this interview, it looks like Freddy’s gonna make some waves in the upcoming years.


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