Gothika 78/100

Now I haven’t done a movie review in MONTHS…and reviews/posts have been a little bit struggling lately, but here goes.

Saturday night, everyone is out of town for Easter. It’s about 11:00 PM, and I just got back from dinner with my family and grandparents. Only an hour til Hollywood Video closes, so I rush out, and I don’t know why I picked it, but in my hands as I left was Gothika. I’ve seen the trailer on TV and the internet, and frankly, it scared me. Just the scene with the girl walking in super creepy stop-motion was enough to creep me out. Halle Berry plays a criminal psychologist who ends up being a patient at her own sanitarium after an encounter with a dead girl who makes her go crazy. Murder mystery, hallucinations, death, blood, and general creepiness ensue. If you’re scared of scary movies as I just found out I am, I would not watch this by yourself with the lights out as I did. Halfway through, I had to get up and turn on some lights, just to make sure no one was lurking in the dark.

Halle is believable as Dr. Miranda Grey, but Gothika is a very far-fetched psychological thriller unless you totally buy into the fact that someone could be contacted by someone from the dead and then be posessed by that person. With a little suspension of disbelief this movie is downright scary. The combination of a gruesome murder scenes, and quick flashbacks of disturbing imagery had me scared even after the movie ended. I recommend this movie if you’re looking for a hair-raising and chilling thriller.


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