Movin’ on Up (and out)!

Finally, after four or five months of searching for a condo (I lost count), I found one. No, that is not a picture of it at the beginning of this post. For the people that know me, I will be glad to have only have moved back into my parents house for a total of two months. With the way that the market was going, I thought I was going to be there for another year. The condo I got has two bedrooms, but I’m using the second one for an office/guitar room. It’ll be fun to have a guitar set up all the time so I can start playing guitar again. And maybe I’ll get a fishtank, like I thought about getting a few months ago.

Work has been super busy, and it has actually taken me about 3 days just to write this measly post. Congrats to nick, who just got a condo too…no more living at our parents’ house!

And for you that haven’t heard on the news about that slutty capitol hill worker, Jessica Cutler, that is sleeping with 6+ people, some of which are politicians and a chief of staff who was appointed by Bush or something (that she only refers to as their initials, and sometimes for money I think). She uses blogger, just like I do, and you can read all about her escapades here. Haven’t started reading it yet, but I’m sure it’s great for some afternoon reading.


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