Number One Fan – Compromises 86/100

DOA had been on hiatus for about a month, giving me ample time to write reviews right? Nope, I waited until Friday before the Saturday deadline to write it. It’s a shame because I wish I could’ve spent a little more time on this review, I really liked the CD, and, despite not being mainstream, I would still recommend it to a lot of my friends…let me know if anyone wants to borrow it! The review is down below…

Reviewing music for DOA can be a challenge. It requires listening to a brand new CD, formulating an opinion, and then writing a review in a short amount of time. I find that I can come to come to a conclusion about a CD that I don’t like in a relatively short amount of time, but for other CDs, it takes quite a number of listens for the songs to “grow on me”. This doesn’t hold true for Number One Fan’s debut release, Compromises. When the first track started playing, I could tell something was different about Number One Fan.

The first track, “Come On” starts with a tastefully distorted guitar, followed shortly by the drums and bass thumping in unison. As with every good band, the drummer and bassist don’t contradict each other. This is most notable on “It’s Happening” and “Nothing Will Change” where the drums and bass becomes one and doen’t clutter the song or confuse the listener. Each track is a straightforward, guitar-driven song with a multitude of layered guitars and emotional vocals. On many of the tracks, the already luscious sound is thickened with subtle keyboards or a string arrangement. They are not overpowering, and sometimes barely noticeable, but one of the many details that separate Number One Fan from countless other indie rock bands looking to make it big.

As the band’s debut release, Compromises is an excellent start. I see a bright future for Number One Fan if these musicians continue to release well-composed and well-executed songs.

Read the review on DOA!


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