Beastie Boys New Album on’s The Leak

The Beastie Boys must be about 40-45 years old and they’ve been on the scene for about as long as I’ve been listening to music. You can definitely tell by the picture that MTV uses on their “leak” page. Click on over to, to take advantage of MTV and The Beastie Boys’ generosity by listening to their new album To The Five Boroughs in its entirety (Officially being released on 6/15/04).

I’ve listened to the first few tracks, and it undoubtedly has that Beastie Boys stamp of authenticity. It can not be mistaken as any other rap artist(s) out there because they still have that old school delivery of their lyrics. They still have the same quirky rhymes, samples from answering machines, DJ’s spinning, much like Hello Nasty of half a decade ago. Writing this post, as I’m listening to the album, more than halfway through it, and no sign of any “Sabotage” style songs. Looks like the Beastie Boys are staying away from an Ill Communication style album, and sticking to rap this time around. I’m not sure if music needs another “Hello Nasty” again, but it’s bound to be playing in many headphones and frat parties across the country. Hopefully they’ll stay innovative and not show their age anytime soon. Anyways, it’s not an album to be ignored, check it out before it arrives at stores next week for yourself…


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