And I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again….Actually I’ll be back on Sunday morning, but that’s beside the point. Unfortunately we won’t be doing what’s going on in this picture, which is watching the Boston Red Sox or watching old man Zimmer get beat up for that matter, since they’re out of town this weekend. I’m leavin’ on Friday morning, and returning on Sunday all for under the price of one tank of gas. Since I work with AOL, we had a special deal with Independence Air, where employees fly for tax only. What that comes out to is a whopping $18.70 roundtrip. Try getting a better deal that that!

Look for my music review posted sometime this week. My reviews don’t go out on Mondays anymore since DOA has now gone daily. I definitely prefer the new format since it makes the reader come back every day, instead of being overwhelmed by 25+ reviews at the beginning of each week. Be sure to check out the new DOA updated daily. I’ll be posting pictures from Boston when I get back….have a good weekend!


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