Where da heck have I been?

Hey everyone! I’m back from the beach. Slowly getting used to waking up early in the morning, and going to work. For the past week, I’ve been at Ocean City, MD with my family. Doing what you ask? Absolutely nothing. Seriously. I would wake up at 9, eat breakfast (which for quite a few days in a row consisted of a piece of Funfetti cake, and milk), and turn on the TV to the Golf Channel. My parents would go to the beach, and I would join them a few hours later. I did also make it out to the golf course three times, compliments of my Dad, and am proud to say that I broke 100 on a full length course. Hopefully I can keep this golf thing going for a little while longer before it gets butt-freezing cold outside.

On the other hand, I did do something slightly productive: I finished reading my first book in years! Having the self-proclaimed attention span of an everyday housefly, it was quite amazing to read Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress in its entirety. I guess it was the combination of having nothing to do, not many places to go, and an entire 24 hours to do whatever I wanted. I was so involved in the book, it even seeped into my dreams as I started talking in my sleep about “having to translate the code”. Anyways, I highly recommend the book, and I’m working on fitting The DaVinci Code into my limited reading schedule.

OK, pictures pictures pictures…they’re being downloaded, uploaded, etc. I just really haven’t had time to sit around and update this website that often, but hope to get back into it with all the cool pictures I’ve been taking.

This post is getting long, but…coming up soon is Rilo Kiley @ The Blackcat in DC. I reviewed their CD for DOA back in the day, but they have a new album out called More Adventurous. You can listen to three of the excellent tracks here. Gauging from these three tracks, they haven’t ditched their quirky music style, but have only added horns, and more filling arrangements to give it a fuller sound. Anyone interested in going to the show on Oct. 10th? Only 12 bucks…let me know. Until next time…adios!


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