Back to College

No…I’m not going back to school just yet, but tonight I do feel like I stepped into a time machine and indulged in a college dinner. What’s on th menu? Top Ramen Noodles. Well one of each actually, Cajun Chicken and Picante Beef. I’m sure that almost everyone reading this has broken down and eaten a 10 cent Top Ramen noodle for dinner/lunch/drunken snack. I am 100% sure that one person out there has lived about 3 years of life at JMU on almost a strict Ramen diet. That person: Don Simpson. One week before junior year started, fellow samurai Don Simpson and I went to our local Food Lion and picked up about $4.00 worth of these tasty noodles each. $4…not that much huh? Well at ~10 cents a pop, it can come close to filling a whole shopping cart.

I guess we weren’t fans of variety, or maybe we had found the two best flavors ever made, but we the only flavors we ever got were Picante Beef and Cajun Chicken. Although we only ate two flavors, Ramen wasn’t the only thing that we ate. We also ate at dining halls and ate normal lunches…nothing crazy like Andrew’s Mac & Cheese Challenge, in which the only food that he would eat was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Other than lazy cheap dinners, and posting about them, I have been in the same constant mode of trying to fix up my condo (new pics added), staying up super late on sunday and monday nights obsessing over NFL and fantasy football. I did FINALLY have time to make it out to the Arlington Cinema n’ Drafthouse to see the super old release Spiderman 2 (90/100). I’m glad I got to see that in a theater, because it was action packed, and deserves to be seen on a big screen. I hope that they don’t go down the road of introducing Harry Osborne as the Hobgoblin. Maybe it’s a little too intense to introduce characters like Venom, but another Goblin character might be too linear.

Enough rambling…eat some real food.


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