This may be the longest between postings that I’ve ever had, which speaks volumes for how freakin’ busy and under the gun I have been. I have been meaning to write Part II of “What it’s like at AOL”, but work has been insanely insane to say the least. We are working on releasing our latest and greatest client AOL 9.0 SE (yes another 9.0, the SE stands for ‘Security Edition’).

Just a few thoughts that I’ve been wanting to post in the past couple weeks (after writing this I have realized that my ‘thoughts’ have just turned into a U2 bashing session)…

1. In the U2 song ‘Vertigo’, as featured in the iPod commercials, why does Bono start of the song by saying, “Uno! Dos! Tres! Catorce!”? Does he realize that he’s saying, 1, 2, 3, FOURTEEN? This is quite a huge blunder especially since every goody-two-shoes organization in the world sweats him. Unless it’s a secret U2 fanboy-only code, what will the spanish speaking population of the world think of him now?

2. The new iPod Photo version (don’t even start me with the stupid U2 special edition iPod). At first, seemed like a super cool idea, which it is, and is definitely moving towards being the ultimate ‘digital media’ player, but it’s more of a ‘nice to have’ feature rather than a necessity. But what do I know, I don’t even own an MP3 player.


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