14 Hours of Sleep Per Day…Beat That!

That’s right…I slept for more than half a day for probably the majority of the days that I was in the Dominican Republic. It was not a waste of time, I really needed the total relaxation. Amanda and I went to the Dominican for 7 nights to enjoy the great weather, free drinks, and food at the all inclusive resort Riu Mambo. We also had reign over the two sister resorts on the Maimon Bay, the Merengue and the Bachata. Unfortunately we had to fly back into Dulles the monday night when it was snowing. What a shock to the system.

I am now just catching up on all the Tivo’d programs that I missed, and I must say, the OC pulled off quite an impressive Spiderman scene with Seth and Summer…anyways…I am using the html picture gallery tool that I downloaded a couple weeks. It’s not 100% easy, I still have to get in the source pages and change the titles since it’s the program is hardcoded to put a different title on the page. Still a huge process improvement over the way that I used to do it. Let me know if you like the new or old format! Check out the pictures here.


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