Photo Tools

I hate to dive into things and start using new technologies without thinking twice about it (which I often do while bored at work), but I started a Flickr account a long time ago, but never really fully utilized it. It’s a pretty cool site/tool, that just got bought by Yahoo. Right now I only have a free account, so I’m limited to 10 MB upload per month. I’ll probably use it to post onesy-twosy type pictures where I don’t have enough to necessitate a whole gun rack, i mean, an entire photo page. So check that out here at on a regular basis, as I will be adding photos fairly regularly.

I’m thinking of re-doin’ the whole site to be super lite, not many graphics and junk to load, and just using a pre-baked template through Blogger. I also want to maybe eventually have a Flickr picture rolling thing on the side, kinda like this guy’s

I have also been playing around with Picasa2, which is also a really slick free tool by Google to organize pictures, and make picture pages. It beats the pants off of the other freeware tool that I was using, look for me to re-do all the picture pages in the near future (sometime in 2005, if I could be any more general. Other than that, bring on the good weather!!!


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