212 to 718

These pictures are a little belated, but last weekend a bunch of us went to the 9:30 club to catch one of my favorite live acts. I’ve seen them about 10 times or so at JMU, UVa, HFStival, etc. They took a year or two off of playing together, and finally they were back and playing in the DC Metro’s best venue: 9:30 Club. Since I’m all old and stuff, we weren’t down on the floor, but up at the top backbar away from all the underaged kids. It was an awesome time. I was a little too far away from the stage to get really good pictures, and the skinnees are too active to leave the shutter on the camera open for too long, but I did the best I could. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, there was this guy who either just stopped being dressed by his parents or he got his pants stolen from him, because he seemed to be wearing boxer shorts. Check out mr. boxer shorts, and pix of the 2 skinnee J’s here.

I also added another picture to the “kitchen project” page of the new butcher block bartop that I installed a few months ago…here


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