Let the games begin

The fall weather is coming, and the football season is about to begin. Let me rephrase: fantasy football season is about to begin. Thank goodness I play with guys from work, because today we had our fantasy draft from 11:00 – 1:30. A good 2.5 hours put to good use in the middle of the work day is never a bad thing. I thought I had all my bases covered by just buying a fantasy draftbook for $8, but picking a player in 2 minutes after the guy in front of you just picked the player you wanted can be stressful. I also had first pick this year, even after I won the league last year. And if you’re wondering, my team name is The Mean Machines, and yes, my icon is Burt Reynolds.

Well, here’s a list of the players I drafted, in order:

1. RB Ladainian Tomlinson
2. QB Trent Green (oops, prob. picked him too high)
3. RB Curtis Martin
4. WR Ashley Lelie
5. TE Algae Crumpler (sweet name)
6. WR Jimmy Smith
7. WR Lee Evans
8. QB Carson Palmer
9. PK Nate Kaeding
10. WR David Givens
11. RB Lee Suggs
12. WR Tyron Calico
13. RB Stephen Davis
14. TE Bubba Franks
15. QB J.P. Losman
16. Def Cincinnati Bungholes

Probably made a bunch of bad decisions in there, so…comments anyone? Don, I know you’re gonna want to ring in! My Sundays and Mondays nights are official busy from here until January.


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