Vacation + Great Weather + NFL + Fall TV = Brilliant

There is only one day left in my week long vacation here at the beach. Last night ended the long wait for both the NFL season starting, and also the first episode of the OC marking the start of many returning Fall season series.

First came what will be consuming my Thursday nights, The OC. We left the season with Trey being shot and Kirsten in rehab. If you didn’t watch it last night, it’s ok…Entertainment Weekly has a hilarious recap of each episode up the day after. The writer usually catches the idiosyncrasies that we want to mention, but didn’t really think anyone else would notice. Like, calling Julie Cooper’s terricotta mansion the “largest Taco Bell in the universe” or noting when the gang took the gigantic unmanned yacht to the deserted island to roast some marshmallows.

The Thursday NFL Kickoff game Patriots vs. Raiders went pretty much how I expected, although, since David Givens is on my Fantasy Team, I was hoping for a little more from him. This sunday, my butt will be planted on my couch watching NFL games all day and night. Welcome fall!


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