Halloween Kegger 2005 Pix

It’s been a while since I’ve dressed up for halloween. I think in the 3 years I’ve been out of college, this is the first year that I’ve dressed up. Probably because nothing could top the 3 years in a row that Nick & I dressed up as mexicans.

This year Ashley had her Halloween Kegger at her house, complete with a costume contest with voting, punch out of a gigantic Gatorade drink dispenser and of course…a keg. I went as a pretty generic golfer, with plaid pants, yellow polo shirt under a sweater vest, glove and visor. Unfortunately the coolest part of my costume, the plaid pants, did not get captured in any of the pictures that were taken. Amanda dressed up as Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg complete with a doily bib thingy and a crab-mallet gavel, Ashley dressed up as Axl Rose, and the winner of the best costume of the night award went to Derrick as tennis superstar Bjorn Borg. But enough of describing, check out the pictures for yourself on my flickr site.


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