Just because I’m in a linking mood lately…

SNL is really not that funny anymore, but every once in a while they’ll have a “More Cowbell”-esque skit/commercial that stands out during it’s 1.5 hours of lame jokes and mediocre musical performances. I bring to you two of the better skits from the past SNL seasons or so.

The first skit being Taco Town. If Taco Bell started it, Chipotle revolutionized it, Moe’s perfected Mexican food with the Homewrecker burrito and seemingly endless Billy Barou Nachos, then Taco Town will knock the game of oversized mexican food menu items out the park. Check it out here

The next skit basically just put on national television what we all were thinking. Don’t think it needs much more introduction than simply: Mom Jeans. Click link here for some good laughs.

In nerdy news, I just added a “recent comments” section. I’ve been wanting to add this because sometimes people comment on older posts, but no one sees it. This should allow everyone to keep tabs whenever anyone comments on any post. Just hover over the “By XXXXX” in the left pane, below the Flickr pictures to get a short blurb of the comment. Enjoy!


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