December Slump / Link-Mania Vol. 3

This year has truly flown by. One of the things that I enjoy about my site, is not only the feedback that I get from you (very few) loyal readers, but also the semi-journal and archiving of my life. I can look back to see what I was doing in whatever month of this year, last year, or even as far back as 2003. When you have a desk job like mine, you live life one week at a time. You work to get through Monday, then Tuesday, etc. and then all of a sudden it’s the weekend, and you’d better have something fun planned to do or else you’ll be like me and spend it doing house projects shopping at Home Depot and Lowes. Pile enough of those “just get to the weekend” weeks together, and all of a sudden it’s freakin’ Thanksgiving.

As I look back on 2005, which is just month away from being over, I start to see that I actually didn’t sit around on weekends, or just bond with my computer. I went to the Dominican Republic, knocked a big hole in the wall in my house, went to JMU for graduation, went to Ocean City and Williamsburg for Ashley’s wedding, took a vacation on 4th of July to Charleston, SC, got crazy at Radford Weekend for the 2nd year in a row, and went to the beach again with my family. Here’s to hoping 2006 is just as good 🙂

If you’re reading this at home, turn off your computer and go do something else. If you’re reading this at work, then you’re probably extremely bored. I’ll jump into a little something I call Link-mania, Volume 3 (see Vol. 1, Vol. 2).

First for you Flickr addicts out there, or just something looking to see a cool Flash web app, check out the Flickr Flash Browser. Undeniably more fun to browse pictures posted on Flickr, complete with related tags search. Next is another cool site where you can create drawings with your own words. A little hard to explain, you just gotta go to this Typedrawing site. Have you ever wondered where Boyz-II-Men live? Me neither, but now you can find out at Celebrity Maps. You’ve probably seen it before, but this next site shows you visually how your favorite bands/artists are related; here it is at


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