Buy My House!

Yes, you have read all about me losing bids on condos, buying my first house, fixing it up, crazy renovations, problems with contractors, holiday parties, and things I bought to fill it all up, but now the time has come to part with my first home. I loved it, and I learned a lot about doing chores and fixing stuff up around the house, but the time has come.

So if someone wants to buy a completely updated 2BR/1BA condo, let me know! Please see the MLS listing and pictures below…and for those who have seen my place before, still check out the pictures, because it is as clean as it ever was/will be!

MLS Listing
Matrix Listing
Craigslist Listing
Flickr Pix

bright & clean kitchenliving room entertainment center


3 thoughts on “Buy My House!

  1. Hmm….I guess this post was confusing. Basically I linked to the story from when I tried to sell it 2 years ago. I should unlink – those links are dead because that’s from my previous listing.

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