Dreams Do Come True

I know, three posts in two days. Very unlike me. And two of them are about childish video games. I bought the Nintendo DS yesterday, and already have two games, Brain Age and of course Mariokart DS. In two days, I’ve improved my “brain age” from a weak 49, all the way to my age +1 (27). I’d like to just think I’m getting smarter.

Dreams do come true – the DS can go online. There are many games where you can use Nintendo’s free online network to challenge people to a game. I was surprised at how easy it was to detect a wireless signal, configure the wireless settings, and then get online and play people all around the world. If anyone out there who for some reason reads this (ben?) and also has a ds/mariokart, let me know! I am not playing up to my normal Super Mariokart par just yet, but watch out, I’ll perfect the game before you know it. It won’t be long before I’m pulling one of these on ya:


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