Hole in One cake, originally uploaded by jchin1.

After a long week of work, the work didn’t end on Friday at 5pm. My sister and I scrambled all day setting up the party with streamers, birthday signs, buying alcohol, buying balloons, cooking appetizers, and picking up catered food from China Gardens in Rosslyn. We had everyone gather about a half hour before my mom dad, and cousin Nora from Canada were going to arrive, and had appetizers and drinks waiting for them.

I’d have to say that my dad was pretty surprised. If not surprised by the party, definitely surprised by the fifty or so co-workers, friends and family that were there to celebrate his 60th birthday with him. Two of the guests were in charge of making the cake, which had an awesome hole in one golf theme. That ball going into the hole…was a cake ball. Awesome.

One of my favorite things about what I did for the party was the slideshow. We borrowed a projector, and I put together a slideshow of pictures from his teenage years and on, which were mostly from the scanned pictures set that I’ve been adding to the last couple weeks. The party was a success, and I put the pictures up, so check them out!

Dad’s 60th Surprise Birthday Party

update – just got more pictures John Soho’s pictures


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