Death of Internet Radio?

Not to bring everyone down again with another “Death of…” post, especially on St. Patrick’s Day…but…

The RIAA has come down hard on all internet radio because they don’t pay royalties to the artists. While there needs to be a way to compensate the artists for their music, there’s probably a better way than back-charging the thousands of internet radio stations. I heard on The Junkies the other morning, that the guy that runs their website also has his own internet radio station, and will probably have to declare bankruptcy to avoid the $450k fine that the RIAA has put on him.

With no internet radio, discovering new artists would be a lot harder and eventually hurt the music industry more than they realize. The two main stations that I listen to at work religiously fall under this category too, and AOL Radio. Please sign the petition that Pandora and gang has set up, and if you’re really motivated send a letter to your congressman as well. Let’s hope internet radio survives this attack.

Read for more information:
Save the Streams
Save the Streams FAQ’s
DL Squad Article

Sign the Petition


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