Weekend Events: Wizards & Maestro

Wizards game
This weekend was very busy. Friday night Amanda and I went into the city for the Wizards/Cav’s game. Before the game we hit up one of our favorite downtown spots, Matchbox, for some mini burgers and a pizza. Unfortunately both Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas were injured, but LeBron James and Antawn Jamison still put on a show. The game was very close for the first 3.5 quarters, but as LeBron turned it on Jamison went ice cold. We lost 99-95, but it was still a great game.

Saturday night, we went to eat at Maestro in Tyson’s at the Ritz. It was as swanky as it sounds. We had five course meals complete with little amuse bouche’s all throughout the meal. When I made the reservation, I was able to tell them that I wanted a table with a kitchen view. Watching the chefs and sous chefs work was impressive. Unlike one of my fave shows Hell’s Kitchen, there was no Chef Ramsay yelling at the chefs. It was a very controlled and non-chaotic kitchen. I started off with a cuttlefish/pea concoction, then had some lobster ravioli, brill with grits, charcoal grilled mountain lamb, and finished up with a marzipan souffle. Amanda had the asparagus with mozzarella, mushroom risotto, cod, beef brisket and strip, and some sort of pineapple with raisin glaze. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you what half the items on the menu were, or about one third of what I ate was…but it was good!

One restaurant off my list – many more to go.


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