Running Log: Week 2

This past week Nick sent me this really cool website called Sanoodi where you can log your runs. All you have to do is plot out the run on a Google Map, say how long it took, and it calculates the pace and change in elevation. It even adds a social aspect where you can add friends, geo-tag your flickr pictures and see “routes nearby” that other people in the area have saved. I just logged my first outdoor run of the season, and it was a little bit struggling. Running outside is a lot harder than running inside on a treadmill.

[week 02 of 26]

  • Runs: 3
  • Distance: 9.38 miles
  • Time: 97 minutes (10.3 minutes/mile)
  • Weight: 201 lbs.

Total Stats (02 weeks total):

  • Total Runs: 4
  • Total Distance: 12.4 miles
  • Total Time: 2.1 hours (10.3 minutes/mile)
  • Max Weight Loss: 4 lbs.

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