ReviewMe Opportunity

My site finally has enough traffic where I got accepted as a potential blog for is a site where bloggers and advertisers sign up to either write reviews, or have their web/service products reviewed for a small fee. I have never made a single penny off this site (although I did receive a lot of free CD’s while writing for DOA for a short stint, as well as when Kervin sent me their CD), but I’ve been reading college student Paul Stamatiou‘s site for a while and he’s rakin’ in some good cash (especially by college standards) by reviewing interesting products. His site has considerably more traffic than this piddly site, so I can only bring in up to $40 per review, whereas he consistently charges $200-$250 per review.

I have never set out to make money with this site, but I think I’ll dive into doing reviews every once in a while to offset the small cost of having a domain name and server space. I view this as more of an opportunity to be exposed to any new web products or services before they really hit it big. Who knows, maybe the next YouTube will want to be reviewed, and I’ll be privy to that new service before anyone else. So far, there haven’t been any bites, and the services I could choose to review for $5-$12 per review don’t really interest me. Stay tuned, hopefully it will work out.


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