Cool Service Alert: GrandCentral

This startup almost slipped through the cracks on me. GrandCentral is an amazing service and there are a ton of customization options. Their big idea is to reduce up to six of your phone numbers and voice mailboxes (cell, home, work, 2nd cell, etc.) into one phone number. If you have more than six phone numbers tied to you, you’re out of luck and you have a problem. That GrandCentral phone number will never change, and can represent any phone number that you might gain in the future as well.

I’d go over some of the cool features here, but they’ve laid them out so well here that there’s no need. (Also check out the TechCrunch article) I do like the archiving of voicemail messages online and the ability to mark numbers as spam. I registered for a free phone number in about 2 minutes. Check it out and let me know what you think…hopefully everyone can move to something like this and simplify everyone’s life. I really want to try it out, but don’t want to push the number out to all my friends just yet, so drop me a line if you want my “new” number…

Update: One bad thing that I just realized, is that you can’t yet receive text messages to your Grand Central number…a major drawback if you’re trying to be an early adopter.

6/25: Yet another update: Techcrunch has released a post about Google acquiring GrandCentral for ~$50 Million. Very interesting move by Google.


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