Rafting & Camping

I can’t believe I’m 26 years old and have never been camping before this weekend. I was never a boyscout and my family isn’t that outdoorsy so I never learned how to start a fire or how to tie knots (even though one summer I was responsible for tying large objects on top of people’s cars for Hechinger). This weekend I went up to Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania to go white water rafting and camping with Don and a couple of the guys.

Rafting was a little more tame than what I had hoped for, but it was good for my first time. I definitely plan on trying to go again. While the guys were fly fishing, I walked around and explored some trails and took some cool pictures. The one above is composed of 9 pictures and also uses Autostitch. Check out the rest of the pictures in this Flickr set. I’ll be getting another rush of adrenaline in a couple weeks from now when I go skydiving for the first time. If I had a lifelist, which I don’t, I would definitely be crossing off things at a pretty good pace this month.


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