Recover Your iTunes Library with CopyTrans

I use an external hard drive to store my iTunes library, but the stupid thing has been so unreliable. It probably has to do with me never shutting it off, so it runs 24/7 without a break. Eventually the drive started clicking and not responding. For the last 5-6 weeks, I’ve been unable to use iTunes on my computer to listen to music because my library was on the external. Thanks to CopyTrans, I was able to recover all my music off of my iPod and bring it back to my computer. I hate buying software, but, I thought that this product provided a great service, especially when I felt like I would have to rebuild my iTunes library. There’s a free version available for download to try out some of the core features, but you can only recover 100 songs at a time. Considering that my library is >3,000 songs, the $19.90 for the product seemed worth it.

CopyTrans worked like a charm, importing my library off of my iPod back onto my hard drive, including all the other data that is attached like Album Cover Art, Date Added, Times Played, etc. There’s been a great deal of weight lifted off my shoulders now that I have my iTunes library back…so needless to say, I highly recommend a program like CopyTrans if you’re in this situation. Especially if you’re wondering how to move your library between computers, and you already have all your music on your iPod.


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