Making the Switch Soon…

I don’t have my own laptop at home, and just have been working off the work laptop, but I think it’s time to get my own. I might be caught up in the hype, but their products have been great to me so far (iPod Video, iPod Shuffle), and also people that own Macbooks are very happy with them. I just want to use my computer for browsing the internet, movie editing, music, creating music (GarageBand) and organize photos. After this release and this recent upgrade, I should have a brand new Macbook within a few weeks. Bring on the haters…


6 thoughts on “Making the Switch Soon…

  1. Do you NEED a 2nd laptop? I’m very pleased with the Mac as an everyday machine, but it feels funny using it for work/power computing.

    My desktop at home is dying (random reboots when stressed) so I’m facing a rebuild. I’ve been eying iMacs, but I do plan on doing a little gaming and the video card isn’t upgradeable.

    Summary: look in to iMacs if you don’t need a 2nd portable machine.

  2. yeah…so – I view it more of a “home machine” rather than a second portable, that has the flexibility to go wherever I want (rather than getting a desktop). I’ll have an external monitor to hook it up to in case I want some more screen real estate, but basically, I just want my own machine without it being bogged down with work applications…Ideally, I’d start leaving my laptop at work when I don’t plan on working from home or being “sick” rather than lugging it home every weekend…

  3. I can’t help but think this post is somewhat directed at me. Like I said, my personal distate for Apple (the company) aside the validity of a Mac as a personal machine is justifiable. They’re probably great for your intentions, I just can’t see them as useful business machines (for what we do) or for my personal use.

  4. I think you’re making a great choice and you’ll be very happy with your new purchase. The laptop vs. desktop debate will always be there as long as desktops continue to be more powerful. However, for a purely home use computer, I wouldn’t trade my macbook for the fastest apple desktop because there’s nothing that can beat the mobility of sitting on the couch with your feet up or watching a movie in a car ride or taking it to a coffee shop to show someone what you’ve created. Unless you are a professional that needs to work on very intense graphic/video work, a macbook will be more than sufficient. You’ll love the applications and the mac experience that a pc doesn’t provide.

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