New Theme

If you’re reading this through the RSS feed, jump on over to the site and check out the new theme. I am moving away from the information overload three column theme to a more standard 2 column theme. I like that the main column is wider so that I don’t have to resize embedded Flickr pictures, and that the font is smaller and little more classy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


10 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. The delineation between content and “extra” stuff is better but it doesn’t look like there’s any less information so your page is as long as TMZ. I’d drop the categories and maybe move the recent comments towards the top or perhaps throw some of the less used stuff on another page and link to it.

  2. Thought about it, I moved the recent comments under the Flickr pictures, but I’m not going to drop any of the other sections. Unfortunately I don’t have complete control over the code (like categories) so I can’t easily move it to another page. The length is fine for the home page, but is just a little long for individual posts.

    Edit: When I said that I was getting away from the information overload, I meant – the feeling of information overload that you get with three columns stacked next to each other…

  3. I’m with Chris, site is ridiculously long. I’d drop delicious links, move recent comments to the top, remove Digg, remove Pandora, maybe move Flickr stuff to the left column (at the top? like a random logo? those are cool), add me to blogroll (I’ll reciprocate and maybe we can make a baby somewhere down the line), remove elsewhere, remove recommended, reduce number of categories somehow, make subscribe a bunch smaller, and never ever ever ever google and watch “BME pain olympics.”

  4. Thanks for the input mike…I’ve added you to my blogroll. Also, unfortunately (again) with having WordPress host my site, I don’t have complete control over the colors, CSS, etc. I might consider paying the $15/year for CSS editing rights, but I’m having a hard time seeing where color would go on this template. I kinda like the bland minimal look myself.

    I think I will take some time next week to reduce the number of categories. That is an artifact of WordPress’ addition of tags in addition to categories, so now I can have less categories but as many tags as I want. No more baby talk.

  5. I only ever see post pages but looking at the index, the length is about right. I do have to ask you the same thing I asked the folks about TMZ… if that stuff is way down there, is anyone really using it anyway?

    If you had CSS rights, which it sucks that you don’t, I might suggest some sort of dual column with a scroller so the main content stays put. If you still had your own host you could just publish WordPress there and edit the CSS, right?

    You could drop, Digg, Pandora and Flickr from the “me elsewhere” section since all the headers of the other sections take you directly to your page.

    I don’t mind the lack of color as long as the Flickr pics are there… seems kinda like a newspaper.

  6. I think you guys are missing the point. I use WordPress because it’s easy to maintain and I don’t have to get into the nitty gritty of it all. Having scrolls within the page is just ugly, and I def. wouldn’t do that. I realize that you don’t like to scroll at all, but I like all the content being there without having another click. Removing the three links from the “me elsewhere” section doesn’t gain me much, but it does consolidate everywhere else I am rather than having to scroll to the dynamic sections for those links. It’s not like TMZ where all this greatly affects the page load time. And besides the rules are different for a blog vs. a standard web page.

    Good call on the “newspaper” look. The theme is called “The Journalist”.

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