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I don’t enjoy studying for school, but if I make studying into a game or if there’s a computer involved, it becomes much easier to bear. I have a pretty extensive list of items to study for my first final next Monday, but it doesn’t help when the answers are right next to the topic. Rather than painstakingly writing out all my own flash cards, I found this cool site called where you can type in the front and back of each card and save them. Once you have all your cards created, you have a couple of options: print them out and study the old school way, flip the “virtual” cards over all online, or you can share your flashcards with classmates, etc. for everyone to study.

I’ve found that 1/2 the benefit of studying from flashcards is actually making them yourself. I’m a repetition learner, so the more I type out any definitions or key terms the better. This makes it easier to crank through the process of making flashcards without tiring out my hand from writing. If you really want to study along with me, check out the flashcards I’ve made so far. Still have quite a few to make.


One thought on “Create Flashcards Online

  1. Check out It’s free-form page format lets you break tables up into smaller, easy-to-memorize groups. Try creating a page at A usable preview shows up in realtime at the bottom so you can try it out.

    You can add descriptive text and images outside of the tables, using the wiki editing features, which makes it useful as a general training tool. Also, you can memorize diagrams visually ( using any image on the web.

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