Missed Movie: The Wizard (1989)

The Wizard DVDThis will probably be a recurring post theme because I am terrible at seeing movies when they come out. Usually if I miss seeing a movie within about a month or so of its release, I’ll never see it. I just joined Netflix a bit ago, so I can now easily go back and see all those movies without searching through the non-New Release-wall-middle of my local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

This week’s movie is The Wizard. I am so excited. I never had an original Nintendo, but always played at my friends and neighbor’s houses. The Wizard came out in 1989, and was near the pinnacle of Fred Savage’s
Wonder Year’s fame. I remember wanting to see it, but just never got around to it (aka: my parents didn’t take me to see it or there there no birthday parties around this release date).

I am not going to read the synopsis so that I can be surprised by the awesome plot. I do know/kinda remember that it has something to do with a video game skills competition, the release of Mario Bros. and there’s the Power Glove in there as well. Also, Jenny Lewis stars in it, who is the lead singer for one of my favorite bands Rilo Kiley.


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