Xobni: For the Outlook Stats Junkie

I just installed the Xobni plugin for MS Outlook, and it’s amazing.  It gives me stats such as how many emails I send and receive by hour, by person, median time to respond and many more stats.  Even if you aren’t interested in all that stuff, install it because it adds search capabilities that destroy Outlook’s offering (aka, you can find relevant emails to your search!).  I’ve literally only been using this plug-in for only 30 minutes, but it’s already made Outlook that much more tolerable.  Definitely try it out if you’re looking for a better Outlook experience.



7 thoughts on “Xobni: For the Outlook Stats Junkie

  1. Another way to increase the value of MS Outlook is to access trough it to another platform like Google.

    We just launched KiGoo, a free tool that allows Google users to fully manage (create, read, update and delete) their Calendar and Contacts from MS Outlook.

    Also KiGoo manage the Free Busy information of your Gmail contacts for appointments if they shared their FB status.

    Currently we support Windows XP and office 2007.


  2. Yeah… but you really should read the fine print before installing this crap. It’s effectively SPYWARE:
    From their own website: https://support.xobni.com/entries/444617

    Xobni does send a ping to our servers telling us that your Xobni client is being used, your email address, your IP address, how many invites have been sent and what version of Xobni you have.

    There is a certain amount of information that must be sent from the Xobni client to our partners to obtain online profile information about people who email you. All information transfers are done through the individual APIs of our partners.

    HOW they think this is even remotely appropriate is beyond me…

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