Pictures from Europe (8.20.08-9.5.08)

Paris - Eiffel Tower from our hotel room

I have been back from my trip to Europe for a little over a week now and I finally sorted through hundreds of pictures.  Amanda and I went to four cities in a 2.5 weeks: Paris, Berlin, Oswiecim/Auschwitz and Istanbul.  We flew around everywhere and were lucky enough to stay in some decently priced nice hotels.

I trimmed all the pictures down to about 400, but also made a “best of” set on Flickr that sums up the whole trip in 117 pictures.

I also took a ton of video, so I’ll be making a video of that as soon as I find some time.

Check out the pictures on Flickr:

Paris, France (8.20.08-8.23.08, 9.3.08-9.5.08) (128 pics)

Berlin, Germany (8.23.08-8.27.08) (95 pics)

Oswiecim, Poland (8.27.08-8.28.08) (24 pics)

Istanbul, Turkey (8.28.08-9.3.08) (155 pics)

Best of Europe 2008 Set (117 pics)

Also below are some of my favorite pics:

Champ de Mars at night
Paris - Champ de Mars at night
The Louvre
Paris - The Louvre
Berlin - Brandenburg Gate
Berlin - Brandenburg Gate
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Oswiecim - Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Istanbul - The Grand Bazaar
Istanbul - The Grand Bazaar
Istanbul - Basilica Cistern
Istanbul - Basilica Cistern

5 thoughts on “Pictures from Europe (8.20.08-9.5.08)

  1. Thanks man – I’ll flip it to Sepia and see if your photographic eye is right.

    We went to those cities because Amanda hadn’t seen those cities in Europe yet…switched out Ireland for Paris because of distance, and also I was pushing for that because I haven’t been there before.

  2. Personally, I think the picture looks better. What makes the picture good as it’s taken is the play of light and dark; sun vs pyramid. The color, what little there is, doesn’t add any dimension to the photo and I’m usually a fan of taking it out it those situations. You want to highlight the contrast, which monochrome can help do. If you’re not a fan of sepia, a higher contrast b&w works too. Even what they call chromium monotone would work.

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