Europe Video

It took a while, but I’m pretty happy with the results.  For everyone that took the time to sift through the pictures of our trip, I think the video fills in all the gaps and portrays some of the sights a little better.



6 thoughts on “Europe Video

  1. Travel videos really are the way to go. No one cared to look through the 500 pictures I posted online so taking the best and adding clips is perfect to condense it.

    New layout? I like it!

  2. I agree, videos are more engaging – and by being able to put the videos online now, you don’t have to make everyone gather around a tv to watch it all together.

    Not a new layout, wordpress updated the “Journalist” theme…I like it too!

  3. I think some of it has to do with Vimeo processing the video, because it’s not that jerky on my local copy, but yeah, I definitely want to get a bigger SD card. I rolled over there with 2x2GB, and filled those suckers up.

    is an 8gb memory card reliable?

    I usually don’t bring my mac on long vacations, so a bigger sd card is the way to go for me (and i have that usb one that you recommended earlier anyways)

  4. I’ve noticed that some encoding options don’t really play that well with Vimeo. They’re usually pretty Mac friendly so I’m not sure why yours ended up that way. Did you use H.264?

    I have yet to trust 8gb. I just went to 4gb and have no real evidence that 8gb is bad, but I usually lag a bit behind for the sake of not losing my photos.

    That’s interesting. I never take a computer on short trips but always take it on long vacations. I want to be able to look stuff up about where I am and offload pics if I have to. It can be a pain to carry around if you don’t have a convenient method but I managed 2 weeks in Japan with no real issues.

  5. Yeah, I’m using H.264 – but Vimeo samples what you upload, which causes some hiccups when they encode it for Vimeo.

    I didn’t take my Macbook because of all the security we’d be going through for all the countries – it’d just be a PITA. If I were going somewhere where I’d be staying put for 2 weeks (or at least in the same country), I’d reconsider of course.

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