2008 Stats Summary

The year is pretty much up, and the results are in.  Here are the top posts and search terms from my site!

Top Posts/Pages – There is a huge drop off after the top 3 posts.  The Garmin post was linked to from a GPS review site and the Zantac post has been linked to from Wikipedia, and turns up in the top search results when search for “Zantac ” + drinking/alcohol, etc..

10.  Trip to Grundy, VA
09. Verizon FiOS Interactive Media Guide
08. Create Flashcards Online
07. About Me
06. Pictures from Juniper Lane / Coldplay
05. Jake & Amir: Ace
04. Fully Loaded Nachos
03. Recover Your iTunes Library with CopyTrans
02. The Wonders of Zantac
#1. Review: Garmin Nüvi 650 GPS

Top Search Terms – These almost line up with the top posts of the year…

10.  amir ace
09.  recover itunes
08.  jeffchin.com
07. zantac alcohol
06. fully loaded nachos
05. axl rose
04. bjorn borg
03. recover itunes library
02. jeff chin
#1. tennis costume

Can you pick out the random ones? (#5, #4, #1)  These all resulted in viewing the Halloween Kegger 2005 Pix, but search volume was too low overall to push it into the top 10.  Also that post received the bulk of traffic during the Halloween season of 2007:


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