Netflix on Boxee
Netflix on Boxee

I installed Boxee on my Macbook the other week, and so far, it’s awesome.  I think this was the thing I’ve been looking for for a long time.  I’ve floated the idea of buying a Roku box to stream Netflix movies, but something felt left out.  Boxee adds a extremely easy to use interface that allows me not only to access Watch Instantly on Netflix, but also Hulu, CBS, MTV, CNN, Revision3, Joost, etc…It also adds support so instead of just playing my iTunes library, I can start a station off of one of my existing songs – complete with lyrics and visulization. 

I don’t think this will ever replace live TV for me since I watch a lot of sports, but it certainly does enhance my living room experience.  I can’t really say enough, but Boxee is awesome.  I’ve briefly tried XBMC, but that doesn’t even come close to the features that Boxee has right “out of the box”.  Boxee works on all platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows), and while it’s only in Alpha, it’s very stable and full featured.  Oh yeah…and it’s free.

Hulu on Boxee
Hulu on Boxee

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8 thoughts on “Boxee

  1. I think it has a lot to with managing access. Big business has embraced things like Hulu (kinda) but they’re still really nervous about providing 3rd party access without licensing deals. I guess we should be happy that things like Hulu and Netflix stream exist in the first place. Baby steps.

  2. I understand baby steps, but Hulu access on Boxee was a full sized step. One of many steps that need to be taken to be able to watch TV whenever I want, however I want.

    I guess if I want to watch Hulu shows, I’ll just have to use the browser to go to Just another hoop to jump through for the same content.

  3. I think that’s the problem… big business doesn’t want you to watch whatever you want, however you want. I think they’ll eventually come around and realize it’s the best way to monetize, but Hulu is a huge step forward from the days of RIAA threatening to sue because you ripped a CD you bought.

  4. well…I guess I misspoke. Hulu on Boxee is more like a compromise between what they want and what I want…and I’m still watching their ads.

    Let’s give it another year, and the whole landscape of TV should be very different than today.

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